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15 Charming Garter Belt Tattoo Ideas

Should you do a Garter Belt Tattoo?

Women don't need an occasion to celebrate their femininity. Every woman has different ways to show her feminine strength. One of the most popular ways to express feminine beliefs and sexiness is getting a garter belt tattoo. Garter belt tattoos are specifically designed for women. It allows a woman to express herself in the way she wants. The garter tattoo idea originated from the women's traditional wedding attire. The garter design on dresses enhances the delicacy and femininity.

Later on, the idea transferred into the tattoo world and has gained popularity since now. You must have seen a lot of women having some feminine ink on their skin. Additionally, there are a lot of versions of the garter belt design. The most common design is the garter belt on the covering thigh. One can add her taste and preference to the design. You can surely add some colors to your garter belt or can go with black and white as well.

Get Inspired

We are sharing some charming garter belt tattoos ideas that you can show to your tattoo artist. You can go with your style and personal expression to show your personality in a better way.

Garter Belt incorporating a Mandala


Huge thigh Mandala design by @elysiantattoos


Delicate mandala garter belt by @mayanin


Attractive mandala garter belt by @lucky_13rva

Minimal Garter Belt


Minimal yet charming garter design by @inkandpainttattoogallery

Garter Belt with a Flower


Flower with garter belt by @craigvoodoo


Flower with unique garter belt by @gemma.delimma tattoo

Thigh High Garter Belt


Three-layered garter belt by @jackpeppiete

Garter Belt with a Gun


Gun inside the garter belt by @moagallery


Delicate garter belt with a gun by @devinhesketh

Garter Belt with Syringe


Bow garter belt with a syringe by @manulondono85

Garter Belt with Knife


Knife and garter belt by @tattoosagittarius

Garter Belt with a Bow


Bow Garter Belt by @claudia.salvatori_tattoo


Garter Chain with Now by @ulfhednar_art


Cute bow with garter belt by @tru_blu_tattoos

What they say about you

Having a tattoo that describes you as a woman seems like a revolutionary idea. Garter belt tattoos are an expressive way to celebrate delicacy and feminine abilities. A well-engraved garter tattoo can surely add charm to a woman's personality. It's a channel to show what women are capable of doing in life. You can go over the board with a garter tattoo because it would look sexy and charming either way. If you don't want to go with huge garter belts, there's always something delicate and minimal.

You shouldn't be hesitant when it comes to charming garter belt tattoos. Choose a design that suits your personality better, show it to your tattoo artist, and get some ink into the skin. We hope our attractive garter tattoos idea helps you with making your mind and selecting the best design for.

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