Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a tattooist, how can I be featured in Tattoos Wizard?

It's 100% free. Just send us an email to [email protected] informing your name, website and Instagram.

You'll automatically be able to receive tattoo projects from new clients.

What does Tattoos Wizard do?

Tattoos Wizard makes it easy and quick to find the tattoo artist that’s right for you. We know how painful it is to randomly search google and instagram for artists and parlours. Specially if you’re looking for a specific type of style. That’s why we compiled a database that you can narrow down with filters and that connects you directly to the artists’ Instagram.

What filters can I use?

You can filter by country and by city. You can also order from least popular to most popular artists based on instagram followers. This allows you to show some love to new artists starting out, as well as visit the work from more experienced tattooists. You can also follow the artists who’ve been most recently added to our platform. One of the most important filter is by style, and the following tattoo types are available:

You can also search by tag. Just write anything on the search bar and enter the search. You'll get all tattoos who are associated with that term and you'll be able to see the profile of the artist inside.

Can I create a list of favorite artists?

Yes. In each profile, you. will find the button "Add". Once you sign up you be able to click it and make it turn red. This artist has now been saved on your favorites. To see all the favorites you’ve saved, click on favorites on menu on the top upper corner.

Is it free?

Yes. For both people searching for artists and for artists exposing their work.

Can I message a tattoo artist via Tattoos Wizard?

Yes. After registering on Tattoos Wizard, go to the profile of the artist you wish to contact and click on "Message". You'll then be able to fill a form that will be sent directly to the artist. From there, you should wait for an answer and then continue the conversation directly with the artist. 

If the "Message" button is not available, it's because the artist has not enabled it yet. In this case you should contact them directly via their webpage or Instagram.

Can I help?

Sure. If you have any idea or would like to contribute to this project, just send us an email to [email protected]