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Cool Shark Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

The shark is a frightening and yet strangely fascinating animal. It is a creature of power and domination that has haunted human nightmares since the earliest days of conquering the wild seas. This is why Hollywood films like Jaws or Deep Blue Sea have become mega-hits: we are simply stunned by these terrifying sea monsters. 

But these frightening predators are much more than what we can see of them at first glance.

Trash Polka dark shark by Yong Tattoos

Old sea dogs have a long tradition when it comes to tattoos. Shark tattoos were a way of evoking the gods and asking for their protection on a long and dangerous crossing. Shark tattoos are "badges of honor" used to show that sailors do not fear death. In Hawaiian mythology, sharks are ancient gods, and through a specific ritual, parents could be transformed into these powerful beings after they died. These ancestors, known under the name of "Aumakua", would thus continue to protect their descendants. This is why many native Hawaiians purposely threw food at the Great Whites who swam near the shore. Hawaii's most popular shark god.

Pretty sharks in the forearm in Illustrative style by Margaret Tattoo

In many native cultures, sharks are seen as a spiritual bridge between sea and land. In Fiji, the shark god, Dakuwanga, protected fishermen at sea and devoured lost souls. From Australia to the Hawaiian Islands, native legends tell of moving forms of sharks that roam freely everywhere.

Sharks are symbols of aggressive lust for life. When observed in their natural element, they are constantly on the move, even when they are sleeping. For many people, this represents their ideal of life: do it all the way or go home. People with shark personality live to the fullest every day and rush at full speed to achieve their goals. Passion in pursuit is the trait that makes sharks (and people) with shark personality great predators. 

Businessmen and women also have shark personalities: even when everything is bad and they are collapsed inside, on the outside, they are cold, calculating and do not seem completely consumed by their emotions.

Neotraditional tattoo via Instragram by alvaro__draw 

Shark Tattoo Meanings for Men and Women

The largest predator of the seas represents a number of traits, including:

  • The absence of fear
  • Primal power and strength
  • Intelligence
  • Aggression
  • Clear vision and perception

Funny hammerhead shark tattoo in the leg by RedBanger

Different Types of Shark Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Great White Shark

Great white sharks are the biggest predators out there and represent the epitome of the traits and characteristics we hope to see in sharks. 

They are smart, aggressive, cruelly efficient, and incredibly large. This is why many people who consider themselves at the top of the "food chain" do not hesitate to get a great white shark tattoo on their bodies.

NeoTraditional shark in the hand by Cameleon Tattoo

Vicious Black and Grey shark in the leg made at Good Fortune Studio

2. Hammerhead Shark 

In Hawaii , the manokihikihi or hammerhead shark is revered as a guardian. Legend says it helps protect swimmers and sailors from the man-eating shark, the great white shark. 

Seeing a hammerhead shark swimming in the waters means that the gods are watching over you and the children born under the sign of the hammerhead shark would be natural warriors. A hammerhead shark tattoo means that you are a protector and guardian always ready to watch over your loved ones.

Colouful hammerhead shark sleeve in illustrative style by Deano Cook

3. Tribal Shark 

Getting a tribal shark tattoo on yourself is a wonderful way to connect with the spiritual energy of the scary shark and to identify with the native culture of an area. You are strongly connected with nature and with the element of water.

Hammerhead shark in colorful tribal style by Ladyluck Tattoo Hawaii

Shark in Tribal style by Freeasdeer

Badass shark in tribal style in the chest by Michael Lozano

4.Viking Shark 

Vikings are known for their sailing and seafaring skills. They have been invading European coasts and British islands from the 8th to the 11th centuries, and their footprints spanned the vast territory of the European continent to the Arctic. This period is known as the "Viking Period" in Europe. For centuries, they have used small boats to attack the coasts of Britain and northwestern France. They are not afraid of wind and rain or the unknown. Is the lord of the ocean. They are adventurers, explorers, merchants and predators.

According to legend, the Vikings wore horned helmets and were dirty, with unkempt long hair mixed with beards, and used human skulls as wine bowls.

History portrays the Vikings as clumsy barbarians with strong muscles and flesh. They covered their bodies with various meaningful symbols, and their bodies were covered with traditional sacred shark tattoos. According to historical records, Vikings’ tattoos are made of ancient Scandinavian symbols, they use ancient designs from Norse mythology, and these are also present in their jewelry, carved bones, ships and other components.

This type of shark tattoo combines the bravery of the Vikings and the swiftness of the sharks, and fully reflects the tattoo's vision of this power and ability.

Ferocious shark in dotwork by Matzua Ink

5.Shark Skeleton 

This kind of shark tattoo shows violence and blood. Shark is the most fierce animal in the ocean. Shark tattoos of this type kind of mean that you are a tough fighter even you are black and blue. Or you can still stand there after miseries and disaster.

Trash Polka surreal shark by Jotha Axhe

Incredible surrealistic undead shark by Rvddelvca

6.Tiger Shark 

The tiger shark is smaller than the great white shark and they don't look as fierce as great white sharks, but it is agile. People who are interested in speed will prefer tiger sharks. If you are such a person, you can choose tiger shark tattoos.

The tiger shark’s mouth has sharp teeth on both sides. The tiger shark’s teeth make it almost indestructible. Its teeth will never fall out. New teeth can continue to grow on the gums. Teeth are their main weapon. This feature allows It can be fearless, and as one of the three strongest sharks in the world, the tiger shark has a particularly complex diet. Whether it is fish, shrimp, squid, crustaceans, or small sea animals, they can eat it.

Illustrative tigershark by Eddie Ramirez

Tiger shark in traditional japanese style by Black Goose Tattoos

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