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Mountain and Beach Designs for 2021

Beautiful matching tattoos by Mr. Koo


Mountain tattoos can have thousands of meanings already established by the designs themselves but which can be supplemented with other tattooed elements. They also have a personal meaning, which is why the true meaning, ultimately, will always be determined by the person wearing them.

Mountains are nature's gifts welcoming the hikers who visit them and the people who live there. They stand before our eyes, majestic. There are very high mountains which represent a great challenge for those who wish to climb them. They have a lot of meanings which is why the use of this type of designs in mountain tattoos is such a booming trend.

Beautiful watercolour mountain range by @isaiahpatton_atdawn_

Meaning of Mountain Tattoos

These epic representations of nature are often included in mountain tattoo designs of other elements of nature. But they have so many separate meanings that they are often found alone. These meanings are:

- Love of nature and all that composes it, especially when accompanied by drawings of streams and trees or even the sun or the moon. They also represent a place in the world that we want to remember or the memory of an event or important adventures that we have experienced there.

- Peace, tranquility, steadfastness and surpassing oneself are other meanings of mountain tattoos: they can convey all these qualities, especially when someone reaches the top of a mountain after long hours of climbing.

Amazing yang tattoo of landscape by

Ideas and Possible Options For Mountain Tattoos

These mountain tattoos, due to their great use in recent times, are finding an audience among both men and women. They are usually placed on the arms, legs, forearms, ribs, chest, back or shoulders.

The trend for these mountain tattoos is to use cool colors like gray or a very light blue. They are often small in size and usually represent the shape of a particular mountain when viewed from a distance.

Some people choose to place this mountain tattoo in a geometric shape, like a triangle and others represent it in a natural environment, surrounded by elements like trees, animals, rivers or stars, the sun or the moon, with stars, depending on what they want to represent.

White style scarification work by @code_tattoos

Different Types of Mountain Tattoo Design Ideas

1.Geometrical Mountain Tattoo

As you can see, the mountain designs are in circular frames and there are some triangle lines connecting them. This kind of mountain tattoo is suitable for maths and nature lovers.

Perfect fineline with lots of details by @mrtnv_ via

2.Watercolor Mountain Tattoo

This type of mountain tattoo design can be round your forearm or arm. The design below is colored in the background and the sunset makes the whole design fascinating. Besides, if you notice that reflection in water, you will be amazed by the whole design.

Watercolour piece with stunning sketch elements by @shannon.tattoos

3.Mountain Design in a Bear Frame

The following idea is just amazing as it is. Mountain with trees, birds, clouds in a bear frame. It looks really cute and creative. If you are a nature and animal lover, don’t you think that this is right for you.

Beautiful Illustrativepiece of a mountain view on a bear frame by @stix_millone_tattoo

4.Minimalist Mountain Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos can be rather simple. For example, a minimalist mountain silhouette tattoo on your finger. This kind of mountain tattoo is comparatively small than others and it’s just perfect between fingers.

Minimalist finger tattoo of a mountains by @pastortatts


There is always a good reason for getting an unforgettable beach tattoo. But it is an important experience in life, which marks a "before" and an "after", the desire for a change, the desire to have a new appearance, or simply, is due to the fact that we feel that now is the time to wear a beach tattoo design that we have always wanted.

The beaches provide us with beautiful landscapes and have always been a wonderful motif for beach tattoos. These generally show all the typical beach elements, especially the most important ones like the sea and the sand, but also what the beaches represent for us, that is to say a moment of relaxation and fun, alone or in the company of our loved ones.

Meaning and Symbolism of Beach Tattoos

The very attractive side of beach tattoos is essentially the sea and depending on the aspect of it. The meanings will be different. If the sea is calm, it will convey an impression of peace, tranquility and fullness. If it is agitated, with a lot of waves, it will give an impression of rage but also courage and strength.

Beach tattoos symbolize summer. This is a perfect beach tattoo for those who love this time of year and the beaches as it is the best way to wear them on them, such as Christmas lovers with the end of December tattooed on their skin.

Illustrative puzzle piece with paradisiac view by @tatuajesdieguito

Tattooed sunsets represent the end of a cycle and summer time, a time full of happiness and fun. And therefore the resumption of daily activities.

Beach tattoo designs also show that those who wear them are calm people, who know how to appreciate the good times and carry with them the vivid memories of the moments shared on the beaches with their relatives and loved ones.

Black and grey piece of a beach with new school elements by @wavestattoo

Different Types of Beach Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Large Size of Beach Tattoo

This sort of beach tattoo is suitable for those who are extremely crazy about beach and sea.

Cocktail molotov in a bootle of paradise beach in sketch style by

2.Colorful Beach Tattoo Design in a Frame

Don’t you think that the scene by the sea with the beach and blue sky is beautiful? If you love the dawn or the dusk, you can’t miss it by the ocean and beach. And the irregular frame makes the whole beach tattoo design look like a fragment of a photo or maybe, your memory.

Amazing realistic tattoo of a beach view by @rarespider

Ideal Locations for Beach Tattoos

Beach tattoos are worn by men and women, in the same proportions. As these are tattoos with a lot of details and possible colors, they are placed in places of the body of large dimensions, such as the chest or the back. Other places used are also the shoulders, arms and thighs.

Some people choose discreet designs that they place on the feet, ankles or wrists. These beach tattoos look good in black and white but the ideal is to use a lot of colors, to be able to represent the beauty of these magnificent landscapes in all their splendor.

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