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Frequently asked questions

Does your service include making the tattoo itself?


We're a team of tattoo artists helping clients worldwide plan and visualize their future tattoos.

You bring an idea and we'll digitally create it for you.

We can help you think about it, advise you and even help you find and contact the right tattoo artist in your city to ink it.

I don’t speak English, what other languages do you support?

We currently also support Spanish, Portuguese and French. If you speak another language, please contact us and we’ll try to help you!

What's the process of getting a Tattoo Design like?

After we receive your idea, we'll connect you to a Tattoo Specialist who will work with you to bring your idea to life.

Generally the process starts with several questions to clarify your goal and your vision. After that, we start drawing.

90% of the times our clients are satisfied before the 3rd revision, but we do up to 5 in order to guarantee your satisfaction. In the end you'll get a design that you own and can take to any artist you wish.

Do prices vary according to the project?

Yes. The designs start at $ 90 USD for simple designs and vary according to the size of the tattoo and complexity of the project.

Can you do full sleeves?

Yes, we can do half sleeves, full sleeves, full backs and even body suits.

The price will vary according to the complexity of the project.

Do you do cover-ups?

Yes. We can help you with a design that aligns with your current tattoo so you can have a cover-up that makes sense.

We will probably need a photo of the tattoo you want to cover up. The cover-ups need to be realistic and the final job will always depend on the artist who tattoos it.

Is it a problem if I already have a tattoo?

Not at all. We generally ask photos of current tattoos to all our clients so that we can match the style (if they wish) or to help organize future tattoos in order to turn the body into a canvas that makes sense for the client.

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Clients About Us

"I finally got my full sleeve planned the way I wanted.

I know exactly how I'll finish it and how much it will cost.

Short and sweet."

Thomas L.

"My last tattoo ended up awful and I felt terrible. I didn't know whether I should remove it with laser or do a cover-up and the session with Jonathan (my planner) was really helpful! Thank you!!"

Emily V.

"I just had my first tattoo (butterfly in dotwork) and my planner was amazing and helped me choose a placement that wouldn't age badly or deteriorate the tattoo over time."

Jessica D.