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Best Wing Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Beautiful bumblebee with tiny wings by Michele Volpi

Best Wing Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Getting a wing tattoo is a beautiful, meaningful way to express your love of freedom and movement, to remember someone you love who has passed away, to show your faith. The body is a constant reminder of your ability to overcome fear, obstacles and whatever life throws at you. Wing tattoos can vary in size, color and design. So work in tandem with your tattoo artist to make sure your personal meaning comes out of the finished product.

This style of tattoo can also include a certain variety of winged creatures like angels, certain animals or birds, or even insects, making it a wonderful tattoo choice for anyone who wants to show their affinity with one or the others. This is the reason why wing tattoos are ideal for those who love nature and its creations. They can look a lot more unique than if you just got a tattoo of a particular animal.

Cool wing in sketch style by @inkporttattoo

Meanings of Wing Tattoos for Men and Women

The incredible amount of wing tattoos available to you: angels, animals or others, makes the possible meanings almost limitless: it all really depends on whoever wears them! Some of these many meanings are listed in the following list:

  • Tribute to a deceased person
  • Loss of a loved one to breast cancer
  • Affinity with nature
  • Connection with a guide / spirit animal
  • Duality of human nature
  • Perseverance / resurrection
  • Religious faith
  • Freedom
  • Adaptability
  • Metamorphosis

Badass neck tattoo by @kaanaktas.tattooartist

Different Types of Wings

There are a large number of variations of wing tattoos that can be done, each with its own meaning. With such a variety of designs to choose from, wing tattoos look great on both men and women.

1. Phoenix

Although eagle wings are very popular in body art, they can seem a bit too masculine to a lot of wing tattoo-loving women. A very good option is to get a tattoo of a pair of phoenix wings, this bird that can rise from its ashes. Getting Phoenix wings tattoo in vibrant red, purple and yellow tones will show others your ability to overcome any obstacle.

Phoenix from the spine in black and gray by @factory_ink

2. Fairy

Fairy wings are a wonderful choice for a tattoo and are perfect for anyone with a whimsical side or love of fantasy.

Ankle watercolour wings by @l.encromancienne

3. Angel

Sometimes the simplest design is often the best, but the average angel wing tattoos can still be completely customized to your taste to reflect your personality, your struggles or your sentimental losses. You can choose to make this tattoo a true declarative work by tattooing two wings covering your entire back: this will represent your belief that you will be taken by the angels and will one day reside with them. But a smaller pair of wings discreetly placed in a location of your choosing can serve as a constant reminder of your Guardian Angel's presence by your side.

Full back wings by @kai_sar_official

4. Tribal

Getting a tattoo of wings is a great way to demonstrate both an important aspect of your personality (your quest for freedom or religious beliefs, for example) while emphasizing your native or ancestral culture.

Wings in geometric and dotwork style illustration by @Luke Gray of Inktells

5. Angel Wings With Halo

Getting a tattoo of angel wings with a halo on it is a great way to honor a deceased loved one who has become an angel in heaven. This wing tattoo, whose design may seem simple, can become very personal if you add the name or initials of the person in question under the wings.

Dotwork of wings in the upper arm by @zentat2 

6. Butterfly Wings

Butterflies are known the world over for emerging transformed from their humble caterpillar cocoons. This is why butterfly wing tattoos are a symbol of your own ability to change and transform yourself, to get out of a difficult or negative situation and to transform yourself into a stronger being. The beautiful and unique colors of these birds make this wing tattoo design a perfect choice for those who desire to show off their personal aura through a work of style.

Watercolor wings by @tattooross

7. Winged Cross

The winged cross can be an expression of religious freedom, a tribute to a loved one who has been lost, or a reminder of a near death experience (NDE).

Cross and wings in the tricep by @bangherangtattoo

8. Heart With Wings

The heart is already a powerful symbol in itself, but adding wings to this design increases its meaning. The heart can represent love, strength, and energy, while wings often denote freedom and the ability to fly. This is why the combination of the two symbols can show your free nature and your love of freedom.

Lovely watercolor wings in the back by @stacieharwoodtattoos

9. Eagle Wings

Eagles are incredibly majestic and powerful creatures. Getting a tattoo of a pair of eagle wings will show your affinity with this noble bird.

Chest tattoo in traditional style by @tikitowntattoo

10. Winged Skull

These conflicting images: the skull, symbol of death and the wings, symbols of life and freedom, come together to create an image saying that death can free us from the weight of life or that a human soul has reached life after death.

Skull, crown and wings, by @wildberriescupcake

11. Winged Star

This tattoo is often done with a nautical star and usually represents the death of a loved one at sea.

Illustrative colorful star by @h.r.sketches

12. Valkyrie Wings

These tattoos are perfect for women who are interested in Norse mythology or for anyone with a Norse heritage. In Scandinavian mythology, the Valkyries were women who chose the bravest men to go into battle and then flew over the battlefields to offer them protection.

Blackwork wings by @artbycomet

13. Flying Guitar With Wings

Getting a guitar tattoo with wings, or flying guitar, can be used to represent the passing of a loved one, an avid guitarist, or the fact that you think music can set you free.

Arm sketch with watercolor style by @ami_tattoos

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