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Is a Tattoo Too Expensive? Here Are Some Solutions

People get their tattoos for various reasons. Tattoos are a great way to show one’s tastes, preferences, and personal history. 

Tattoos can also be a way to be part of a group or exert influence. Regardless of a person’s reasons for getting inked, one could not deny that it is an individual choice one makes and that others should not discount - especially for artistic and personal reasons. 

However, not all can afford tattoos and might find getting one expensive. Luckily, you can still find the best tattoo artist for your tattoo goals while at the same time availing customer financing at tattoo shops to get a tattoo on a budget. 

Read on to find out our suggested solutions!

How to Finance Your Tattoo


There are so many choices of financing options for tattoo shops customers, though note that these will vary. Most tattoo shops approve up to $3000 towards a tattoo taken through the following financing options, which, fortunately for some, do not require credit checks (in case one worries about having bad credit standing).

     1. Buy Now, Pay Later

One of the customer financing solutions for getting tattoos is the Buy Now, Pay Later (BPNL) plan. If you decide to use this solution, you only need to make an initial payment and then pay for the rest of the tattoo price given several predetermined installments. 

Usually, this short-term financing scheme has no interest, making it a convenient and popular choice among customers and online shoppers today. Pay through the convenience of your credit card, debit card, or any form of bank transfer.

     2. Installment Loans (With Interest)

Another way to get that dream tattoo on a budget is through installment loans. Of course, you need to do your due diligence first with the tattoo salon and artist and see their interest rates and flexible terms. 

It is better to avail of this solution if there are lower interest rates for you, or at least the price you need to pay monthly, with interest, is doable for your budget. That is a great way to secure your tattoo without overthinking the finances. You can also avoid getting yourself in a lot of debt - after all, you can determine the regularity of your payment schedules!

     3. Personal Payment Plan

Another option for you is to simply discuss your desire to pay for the tattoo with a tattoo parlor, even if they might not have any loan service options. Some of these parlors can work something out with tattoo clients - after all, it is better to earn and give service rather than lose a customer altogether. 

     4. Split Payments

Lastly, you can get that desired tattoo if you have various payment sources. Use these sources to pay for the cost of your tattoo. 

An example is using the daily spending limit of your debit card and then combining it with payment through your credit card. 

With this option, you can decide how much cash you can dish out and plan for your credit card payments without going over your card limits.

Making a Tattoo Loan Happen


Now that you know your customer financing options, it is also good to know in advance the necessary steps you need to take on when dealing with the loan and the tattoo parlor. Follow the stages below:

     1. Make an initial application

From the onset, do your research already and look for tattoo artists and studios that offer customer financing. Fill out the forms they may have and provide detailed information they need; this will include the price of the tattoo design you want.

     2. Secure financing approval

The financing company that works with your tattoo shop or artist of your choice will most likely contact you regarding your application status. 

Once your financing application gets approval, the company will also inform your chosen tattoo studio, including the quoted amount you need to pay.

     3. The studio gets payment

At this stage, you no longer need to worry whether your artist or studio gets paid because the company takes care of that in full. Your responsibility afterward is to secure your payments via your preferred methods: Credit card, debit order, or bank transfer. 

The Bottom Line

With the information we detailed above, we hope that you now know that your goals of getting a tattoo are not out of reach. A tattoo is not that expensive, provided that you know the various solutions available for you. 

Whether you want a loved one’s name inked on your chest, a symbol of your struggles or success permanently seen on your shoulders to tell the world your story, or just about anything that you fancy, get that - because now you know it is affordable! Just be a responsible adult, pay on time, and you will have no problems getting one tattoo after the other.


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