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Tattoo Kits For Beginners - Getting to know CINRA

CINRA is a popular tattoo supplier in the US. They re originally from China and supply everything tattoo related: from fake skin, to skull-shaped ink cup holders to great tattoo machines. 

Today we'll review two of their machines: a Cartridge Pen and a Coil Machine.


1) Cartridge Pen Machine

The tattoo machine pen is compatible with cartridge needles type.You can use this tattoo kit to do tattooing, permanent makeup ect. Our tattoo machine kit is the professional tattoo machine pen kit, help you to finish a healthy and beautiful tattoo.

This tattoo kit with 20pcs tattoo cartridge needles, individually packaged. Better ink flow & shaped on the inside.The cartridge needles made of 316L stainless steel and high-grade plastic with the high hardness and fast coloring. The design of membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback.


Each Kit Includes

  • 1pcs tattoo machine pen,
  • 1pcs tattoo power supply,
  • 1pcs tattoo pedal,
  • 7 color tattoo ink,
  • 1pcs Tattoo grip cover ,
  • 2pcs (1pair) tattoo gloves,
  • 1pcs tattoo practice skin,
  • 20pcs assorted tattoo needle cartridges,
  • 20pcs small size tattoo ink cups
  • 1pcs tattoo tool box

Ink Colors

  • 7 bottles in White, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Black colours.


  • Tattoo guns with adjustable strokes
  • Full training support
  • Comes with Come with instruction manual


  • Ink just for practice

2) Coil Machine Kit

The Coil Tattoo Machine all cast iron tattoo machine 10 pack coi is high quality. The spring is made of high quality composite material, has high elasticity and fatigue resistance, can work for a long time, and is made of copper coil, used for liner and shader.

Tattoo power supply made of alloy with high quality material, durable and reliable. It is the first choice for professional tattoo artists. The tattoo power supply have smooth appearance and great technical handcraft and unique dual interface design. It's lightweight and easy to carry.


Each Kit Includes

  • 2pcs Coil tattoo machine (for lining and shading)
  • 1pcs Tattoo power supply(with plug),
  • 1pcs Mini tattoo pedal,
  • 1pc Tattoo clip cord
  • 1pc tattoo transfer paper
  • 7 color Tattoo ink,
  • 2pcs Aluminum Tattoo Grip,
  • 20pcs Tattoo Ink Cups with base (small size)
  • 30pcs Tattoo Needles
  • 20pcs assorted tattoo needle cartridges,
  • 30pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips
  • 2pcs Disposable Tattoo Needle Tube(3RT/5RT)
  • 1pc Tattoo Practice Skin
  • 20pcs Tattoo Rubber Nipple
  • 20pcs Tattoo Rubber Band
  • 20pcs O-rings
  • 3pcs Allen Keys Tool (3 different sizes)
  • 2pcs (1pair) tattoo gloves
  • 1pcs tattoo tool box

Ink Colors

7 bottles in White, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Black colours.


  • Easy to tune tattoo machines
  • Affordable
  • Come with instruction manual


  • Complicated to assemble
  • Constantly checking for replacement parts


If you want to be a tattoo professional, it's better to tattooing online guidance by professionals, Invest in the pieces you’ll need once you’ve gotten a feel for the machines.

This two types of tattoo kit are complete beginner kit out of all the CINRA starter kits, they all come with instructions, We hope you found our CINRA Tattoo Kits review helpful.

Cover photo by Jacob Campbell on Unsplash 

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