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19 things you can do as a Tattoo Artist during COVID-19

Just because clients can’t physically visit your shop due to coronavirus, it doesn’t mean your work as a tattoo artist has to stop. In fact, there is a lot you can do at this time.

So, in order to take the most out of the COVID-19 quarantine, here’s a list of things you can do to boost your career and make the most of your time:

1. Update your social media profile

When was the last time you took a good look at your brand?
Do you have a functioning website? A strong presence on Instagram and Facebook? Are you available on Google my Business? Are you registered on Tattoos Wizard?

You can take this time to guarantee your presence on all of these networks and convey trust to your future clients.

2. Step up your branding

Does your business have a logo? 

Do you have a differentiated photographing style that brings out the best of your tattoos? And are you stamping your watermark on the pictures you take before uploading them to social media?

These are some of the questions you now have time to work on.

3. Sell your merch online

You’re an artist, not just a tattooist. This means that your art can be sold online - whether it’s in the form of t-shirts, posters, mugs or any other way. Sometimes your fans just want a way to support and show appreciation for what you’re doing.

4. Get exposure on tattoo related sites

Are you advertising your art on Tattoos Wizard? On Tattoodo? On Inkstinct? 

Enthusiasts are now preparing their next tattoo project so by having your best worked exposed there, it will get you extra exposure during these times.

5. Speak with your customer

Ask them if they have photos of their healed tattoos. You can do a before and after collage to show how your work stabilizes after a couple of years. It might surprise and encourage a lot of people to work with you.

6. Ask your loyal customers and followers if they have a new projects in mind

This might kickstart a new wave of appointments. You can even make a special seasonal discount for clients who can pay in advance and get the tattoo work once the quarantine is over. 

7. Grow your audience with live videos

This will grow your followers base on instagram and facebook. You can showcase your flash art, new projects you’re working on, talk about your process of creation or just interact with your followers. If they are following you is because they identify with what you do and want to be notified of new projects. Get to know them.

8. Self-ink

What a better time to do some tats on yourself? It will keep you practicing and it will further the art on your canvas.

9. Clean the studio

The spring has arrived. But did you do the annual spring-cleaning?
Well, now it's a great time to move every piece of furniture, machine, and ink bottle and do a deep cleaning session. 

10. Do flash art to inspire your followers for their next tattoos

All you need is paper, a pencil and lots of creativity. 

Maybe do a fun “I survived the COVID-19!” flash collection? I bet your wildest customers might feel tempted to get one of these. 

11. Do guest posting on blogs

Your knowledge is appreciated. Find a blog you identify with and send them a message proposing a theme (or even an interview with you).
We have a few of these projects coming up - if you’re interested in collaborating with us, make sure to check out this page or email me at

12. Look for guest spots 

Want to travel the world once the COVID-19 crisis is over? Then start contacting other studios and finding spots for you to work on. There are websites and facebook groups with people offering spots - just post and contact and starting building a fun future.

13. Plan a convention's road trip for when the crisis is over

Yes - nobody knows when the quarantine will be lifted nor when the danger will stop. But there probably will be events happening in 2021. Where would you like to have a blizure (business + leisure) trip? In World Tattoo Events you can follow all the events and start preparing your next year of travels.

14. Learn new techniques

You’re never too old to learn. Just browse google and youtube to learn new techniques and styles. Grab the old orange and practice the “stick and poke” you’ll always been dying to try, or take a micro-realism course.

And if you already know all of this stuff, teach it!

15. Renovate your material

How old is the material in your studio? Machines, autoclave, etc….
Is it time to throw out the old and order some new?

16. Forge partnerships

Chances are, that artist you’ve always admired but never spoke with, is now in the same situation as you. Send him/her a message and exchange ideas. Maybe a collaboration is just an email away from being brought to light.

17. Find a mentor / mentee

Depending on where you are professionally, you can always grow. Either it’s through a mentor, who will guide you in creating better art. Or by becoming a mentor, on which you’ll umprove your communication and personal skills as well as develop leadership and management qualities.

18. Take care of your business

When was the last time you had a meeting with your team? Got to know the fears and desires? Are their families safe and healthy?

What about your accountant? When was the last time you heard from him/her?
Maybe it’s a good time to gather the team via video chat and boost the spirit, remember your common wins and future goals.

Use this time to get updated on every aspect of your business, understand your current runway and how long you can handle with the current burn rate. 

19. Take care of yourself

No one else can do this for you. 

We know how hard it is to completely stop, to take a rest and decide to one self. But if your health is not taken care of, nothing else will matter and nobody will be able to count on you.