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Our top 11 Anime Tattoo Artists to follow on Instagram!

Anime tattoos are all about giving life to characters and memories from manga, cartoons, video games, and animations.

They are usually tattooed by fans of the genre who want to materialize their love for certain characters and shows. These Tattoos preserve nostalgic feelings, childhood memories or impactful moments from the shows.

When doing anime tattoos, artists generally reproduce the original character’s style, respecting proportions and colors. This results in vivid and colorful pieces with defined lines.

These tattoos can also be drawn from the original character but include a more complex composition, which is generally achieved by medling with other styles, such as blackwork, new school or even trash polka.

Check out some of our favorite Anime tattoo artists.

Jose Guevara Morales

Location: California, United States of America

Michela Bottin Ackerman

Location: New York, United States of America

Hori Benny

Location: Japan
Instagram: @horibenny

Troy Slack

Location: Mount Barker, Australia
Instagram: @troyslackink

Léo Dionizio

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Instagram: @leods21

Ivan Pelegrin Medina

Location: Majadahonda, Spain

Ink Mali

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Instagram: @inkmali

Simone Marchi

Location: Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Fat Kid

Location: Portage, United States
Instagram: @fatkidtattoos

David Castellanos

Location: Redlands, United States
Instagram: @deweymonn

Francesco Curia

Location: Livorno, Italy
Instagram: @checcooldboy

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