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What would Taylor Swift look like if she had tattoos?

Continuing from our latest article, we now take a look at the superstar Taylor Swift.

As we've seen, some celebrities just refuse to get tattoos -  and Taylor Swift is one of them. She has consistently told the media that she couldn't picture herself as making such a commitment as the tattoo ink demands.

So, for all the curious minds out there, we made a fictional scenario, which might just change her mind about tattoos.  

Taylor Swift with Tattoos

In a world where almost all pop singers are tattoo covered - looking at you Adam Lenine and Lady Gaga - it's hard to imagine how resists the pressure (and the curiosity) of getting inked. 

If you haven't seen her response to why she hasn't made a tattoo, here is the answer from her in person. 

And here's what she would look like with some beautiful shoulder tatts:taylor swift with tattoos.png

Original on the left, with fictional ink on the right. 

A watercolour butterfly and a realistic red peony with floral motiffs. What do you think? 

taylor swift with tattoos2.png

And a close up of the peony tattoo

What do think? Prefer the original Taylor Swift?

What about You?

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