Want to collaborate with Tattoos Wizard?

There are two ways you can do it. One is by suggesting tattoo artists and studios / parlours / shops. The other one is guest posting on our blog.

Here's how to go about each one of them:

Add artists and tattoo shops

Tattoos Wizard is a product of the community. It’s made possible by your input since it's populated by artists, fuelled by enthusiasts and growing via fans. This free database is where thousands of tattoo artists, studios and parlours expose their work and redirect potential clients to their web page or instagram.

We created this project because we want to help the world get tattooed more responsibly. We do this by making sure everyone can find the right artist. Because for every project, there is someone who will be perfect to fulfil it. We count on you to help this project grow.

All the leads you generate from our website are entirely yours with no commission or fees. Registration is free and quick.

To contribute to the community, reaching out to us at hello@tattooswizard.com. We are currently accepting:

  • New tattoo artists, parlours, studios and shops
  • Suggestions of artists you know and like
  • Applications to be featured on our webpages, blog articles and Instagram

Submit a guest post

We are currently accepting guest posts related to tattoos for our blog. If there's an article written by you that you'd like to expose, please follow the guidelines for guest posting:

  • Author must be knowledgable on the theme - no Fiverr articles
  • Articles must be at least 1000 words
  • Must be a theme relevant to the tattoo world
  • Self-promotion is allowed and encouraged, as long as it is integrated into interesting content. We want to give voice to those who want to speak

Just contact us about your idea to hello@tattooswizard.com