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10 of the Best Geometric Tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

Tattoo by Desthex

The style

This style is the full expression of geometry being used to create a visually appealing whole. You can find rectangles, lines, fractals, small crosses... anything goes as long as they contribute to something bigger. For this reason, this style has the strongest connection to the sacred. 

Geometric tattoos are often mixed with other tattoo styles (such as illustrative, blackworks tribal or even floral) and can be used to depict sacred motifs or represent philosophical concepts. This connection to the transcendental, as well as the ordinary, make this style a primordial choice for those who seek to connect with the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of the tattooing experience.

Because geometry tattoos can always grow and integrate other tattoos, patterns and shapes, you can easily find full sleeves and bodysuits

Our selection of Geometric tattoo artists


City: Berlin, Germany
Instagram: @desthex_tattoos

Why we love it: Des Thex is an expert in fractal tattoos. The reason we love these works is because they integrate the elements that contain the whole within itself, giving a sensation of infinity and perpetual motion. This artwork is hypnotic and feels like it could go on forever.

Marco Manzo

City: Rome, Italy
Instagram: @marcomanzotattoo

Why we love it: Marco's work is the perfect fusion of ornamental with fractal. The pieces have a spiritual dimension to them and you easily want them to extend as far and wide as possible. For this reason, Marco has made a lot of full backpieces - not all artists get this honor.  

Thais Valente

City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Instagram: @thaisvalentetattoo

Why we love it: Thais is an expert in blackwork, tribal and geometric. She uses techniques such as pointillism to fuse these styles into something so fabulous you need to contemplate them for a long time to fully capture the essence of each work. 

Rachael Ainsworth

City: Berlin, Germany
Instagram: @rachainsworth

Why we love it: Rachael is amazing at capturing the spirit of each element, be it a flower, a tree or an animal, bringing it down to its essence. Her work brings out the best of the ornamental and fills it with the beauty of mathematical geometry.


City: San Francisco, United States

Why we love it: Roxx combines two things you'll rarely ever find: pure geometric blackwork and giving it a complete artistic dimension. Blackworks require a real commitment to the colour black and great trust in your tattoo artist. No wonder Ross has an incredible portfolio of full legs, backs, arms and necks.

Dom Ramalho

City: Lisbon, Portugal
Instagram: @domramalho

Why we love it: Dom Ramalho is incredible versatile. He can mix any two style together and make them look amazing. You want geometric dotwork? He can do it. A sleeve with lettering and sacred motifs? Got it. A realistic piece with holistic elements of consciousness? I don't know what that is, but I'm sure Dom Ramalho can do it, and it will look stunning.

Orge Kalodimas

City: Amityville, United States
Instagram: @orge_saketattoocrew

Why we love it: Orge artwork has an incredibly strong and mature feel to it. When you look at his tattoo, you know it's impossible to come out of the studio not feeling more powerful than when you came in. His tattoos incorporate tribal elements with geometric accuracy bringing a balance of forces. It feels like the black ink is the yin, which creates a strong yang.

Rapha Lopes

City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why we love it: Rapha's work is hard to describe. But then again, all genius work is. When we look at his pieces, we're astonished by how much work and mind was put into it. And making a stunning piece isn't just ink. It's mathematics, references, symbolism and technique. On Rapha's tattoos you can find golden ratios and Fibonaccis, fractals and gestalts and natural elements, stripped to their core. 

Caco Menegaz

City: Curitiba, Brazil
Instagram: @cacobilltattoo

Why we love it: If I had to define Geometric tattoo with someone's work, I'd choose Caco's. It is geometry in its pure form. His dedication to this style has made him one of the best in the field of geometric works. The spiritual dimension is strongly present, which makes each piece memorable.

Tomas Tomas

City: London, United Kingdom
Instagram: @tomastomas108

Why we love it: Tomas makes incredible geometric artwork. Under his hands, bodies become canvas, and each canvas turns into art. His clients are incredibly committed and trusting of Tomas work. For this reason, you'll find, more often than not, full pieces: backs, fronts and bodysuits. It's only natural when you have such a flawless technique.

This is our selection. What do you think?
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