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10 of the best Sketch tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

Sketch tattoos are all about mimicking hand-drawn features. This style has overlapping lines, incomplete strokes, and elements that do not fully close. The shading work is bold and rough and most parts of the drawing are negative space.

These elements create contrast and contribute to the style’s goal of not being perceived as perfect, but instead a natural process of creation.

When color is present, usually a softer gradient is used to preserve the sketchy features. 

Check out some of our favorite sketch tattoo artists.


City: Montpellier, France
Instagram: @vince_tatwo


City: Cancún, Mexico
Instagram: @s.leeray


City: Palermo, Italy


City: Miraflores, Peru


City: Toronto, Canada


City: South Korea, South Korea
Instagram: @bk_tattooer


City: Berlin, Germany
Instagram: @kamilmokot

Pomalu has been tattooing since August 2017. She currently works in the Green Rabbit tattoo studio located in Katowice, Poland and frequently visits Bodyfikacje studio in Toruń as a resident. She specializes in sketch/graphic style, mostly black, however, she's constantly looking for new techniques and methods to incorporate in her work. There's is a variety of motifs in her portfolio, but most often of animal themes. She especially enjoy making portraits of customers' pets (having her own beloved dog captured on the arm). She adores animals and and tends to attract customers of similar interests.
City: Katowice, Poland


Valentina studied at fine art academy as set designer and then moved to London where she started her tattoo artist career as a self-taught, influenced by a mix of different types of art: modern, sketch, graffiti, graphic and illustration. In her work, she tries to mix all these styles in oder to create something unique. She works in Mantua, Italy, but also guests in Torino and Milano.


Rodrigo Assi is a tattoo master. He is fully dedicated to making the best sketch art in Brazil and is own style compares to no other. He describes it as "without copy and without repetition - each costumer an idea, each customer a job". This approach has made him a reference in his area. If you check out his work you'll find amazing ideas: from crossovers between Rick (from Rick and Morty) with Vegeta (from Dragon Ball), to Batman-Pikachu to his creativity knows no limits. Fans of both manga and classic cartoons should take the chance to get some ink from Rodrigo. So, for all the fans of sketch art, but also blackworks and trash polka make sure to follow him on Instagram.
City: Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

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