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10 of the best Neo-traditional tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

Tattoo by Hannah Flowers

The style

The Neo-Traditional tattoo style is becoming increasingly popular due to it's aesthetic appeal.

Also refered to as New Traditional, this styles focuses on more natural shapes and gradients. It recuperates some of the Old School imagery while incorporating new patriotic imaginarium, such as Native Americans, portraits and skulls. It also respects the Old School’s technical ways: with dark outlines, but cleaner; using a limited range of colors, but using them more precisely; exploring the 2D visuals, but with improved techniques.

It incorporates influences from the artistic movements of the early 20th century, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and focuses on beauty, drawing an equilibrium between illustration and realism.

Our selection of Neo Traditional tattoo artists

Hannah Flowers

City: London, United Kingdom

Luan Roots

City: Elche, Spain
Instagram: @luanroots

Igor de Morais

City: Lisbon, Portugal
Instagram: @demoraisigor

Curtis Lawson

City: Napier, New Zealand

Lucy O'Connell

City: Leeds, United Kingdom

Jeff Norton

City: Atascadero, United States of America
Instagram: @jeffnortontattoo

Simone Berto

City: Latina, Italy

Justin Hartman

City: San Diego, United States of America

Ole Kröger

City: Hamburg, Germany

Gevandov Roman

City: Stavropol, Russia
Instagram: @gevandov

This is our selection. What do you think?
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