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10 amazing Tattoo Artists from Germany you'll want to follow

Tattoo by Roberto Carlos

We curated a list of our favorite tattoo artists across the several styles for you to follow on Instagram. This list is updated for 2020 and isn't based on number of followers on Instagram nor popularity of the artist, but on our judgment of what looks beautiful and contemporary on each style. This list is subjective and should be treated as such.

Our selection of Artists working in Deutschland

Roberto Carlos

City: Berlin
Styles: Realism and Surrealism

Inal Bersekov

City: Stuttgart
Instagram: @inalbersekov
Style: Black & Grey and Realism

Juliane Fulmination

City: Dusseldorf
Styles: Illustrative, Floral and Dotwork


City: Geldern
Instagram: @keetattoos
Styles: Illustrative, Sketch and Neotraditional


City: Berlin
Styles: Realism and Surrealism

Janis Seebald

City: Linz am Rhein
Instagram: @seebaldtattoo
Styles: Neotraditional and Traditional

Julia Toebel

City: Berlin
Instagram: @juliatoebel
Style: Illustrative, Floral and Surrealism

Alexander Semler

City: Ulm
Styles: Sketch, Black & Grey, Dotwork

Jessica Svartvit

City: Hamburg
Instagram: @jessicasvartvit
Style: Geometric, Dotwork, Illustrative

Christian Berndt

City: Braunschweig 
Style: Black & Grey

This is our selection. What do you think?
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