Thiago Chavez

location Jaraguá Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • realism
  • black&gray
  • About

    Thiago Chavez is a widely recognized tattoo artist stretching his creative craft across Germany, Portugal, and his home country, Brazil. With around 83,000 followers on Instagram, his forte lies in exquisite realism and striking black & grey styles punctuating every design with identifiable, almost photographic precision. Garnering 54 awards at conventions and being crowned 'Mister Tattoo Week 2021', Chavez's commendable skill level positions him atop the tattoo artistry landscape. His immense talent for realistic portraits branded with his distinct touch is rooted in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil.

    Price: $$$

    Current location: Jaraguá Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil