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    Aaron Anthony is an accomplished tattoo artist, specializing in geometric and tribal styles, who meticulously crafts each piece of art, showcasing unwavering attention to detail. He operates from his clean and private studio situated in Hackney, London. With around 70k followers on Instagram, his expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship are well-recognized and adored by a wide audience. Engaging with his clientele through email, his professionalism extends beyond his technical skills, reflecting his commitment to providing exclusive and satisfactory services.

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    . 5 months ago

    My experience with Aaron left much to be desired, particularly in terms of reliability and communication. I initially booked an appointment with Aaron in June 2021 for a session scheduled on September 22. To secure the slot, I promptly sent a 100 GBP deposit. Later, due to unforeseen visa issues, I couldn't make it to the appointment. In 2022, Aaron announced that he was going to Paris in June. Excited about the closer location and the fact that I didn't need a visa, I expressed my interest. Despite forwarding our previous emails as a reminder, it seemed Aaron had forgotten our initial interaction. After assuring me he would email to arrange the Paris appointment, my follow-ups in July and August were met with silence. Finally, on August 7, Aaron dropped the news that he had to cancel the trip due to personal reasons. What frustrated me most was not the cancellation itself, but the lack of proactive communication. It took my reaching out to discover the change in plans, causing significant inconvenience as I had already adjusted my schedule. In response to my concerns, Aaron defended the cancellation, claiming no official booking had taken place. This was surprising, given that I had paid a deposit for the first appointment, and thus, assumed it was confirmed. While Aaron chose not to take on my Paris tattoo project, it was the absence of clear communication that exacerbated the disappointment. The refund process further added to the frustration. I received 91 GBP instead of the full 100 GBP, attributed to PayPal fees although he could have sent the amount as a gift since it was a refund but he didn't. Regrettably, Aaron chose not to respond, leaving the situation unresolved. Overall, this experience highlighted the unreliability in booking and the need for clearer communication in professional interactions.